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08:44pm 25/09/2011
  I have many profound things to say  
02:33pm 31/05/2010
  sleeping giant.  
11:08am 20/07/2009
  God is a pretty cool guy, and I mean it  
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12:58am 22/10/2008
mood: cold
Some of us are anxious on the first day of a new job, anticipating a major exam at school, or in the minutes leading up to a date with an attractive gal or fellow we really like but cannot muster up the nerve to tell them so. I lose sleep over a new Cure album.
Since 2004's disappointing self titled album (there were a few good cuts), the Cure have been at their best in the live setting. Singer/songwriter/guitarist/major deity Robert Smith fired a keyboardist and a guitarist and the band went as a three piece until classic Cure axeman/artist/weirdo Porl Thompson returned, bringing with him renewed hope that maybe whatever the band decided to do next wouldn't totally suck.
So far, it hasn't. Say what you want about "The Only One," but it's a nice bit of dream-pop lite that's akin to listening to the Cure circa 1992 if the band had taken a time machine to the year 2008 and recorded a song within a week of being here.
Did I say that already? I'm too lazy to look and frankly I don't think it can be described better.
The other singles sound promising (Sleep When I'm Dead was a leftover from the 1985 The Head on the Door sessions), and anyone who's heard any version of "Underneath the Stars" has a reason to be excited. I just hope the rest of the album holds up.
To be honest,
The Cure could make shitty albums for the rest of their lives,
and it could never take away from the fact they're my favorite band of all time or that I consider every album from Seventeen Seconds to Disintegration absolutely essential, with Three Imaginary Boys and Wish being very important. Basically, I feel that the first decade or so of their career is indispensable. Pornography is their best and may be my favorite record of all time for reasons I cannot explain.
4:13 Dream is only a week away. Watch this space, please.


03:46am 18/07/2008
mood: yes.

See this fucking movie, now.

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09:20pm 06/07/2008
mood: ah...
It's good to see this thing being used again. I just haven't been able to get myself to put anything in here for the longest time. Plenty to say, nothing to write about, I suppose.
Since the Mrs. isn't coming on vacation with me thanks in no small part to her wonderful daddy, I suppose I'll be reading most of the time. Before the summer's out, I plan on reading:
Salinger's Franny and Zooey
Kerouac's Big Sur and Lonesome Traveler
Batman: Year One
Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Murakami's After Dark or Norwegian Wood or A Wild Sheep Chase or pretty much anything by him.
Sartre's No Exit
Something by Vonnegut, no idea what yet.
Maybe I should have started this sooner.
20 in almost a month. Feels weird for just being a number.
Listening to New Order's Power, Corruption and Lies and Japan's Tin Drum. Tin Drum takes some getting used to in parts. New Order is New Order. Good stuff all around.
Have a lovely day
Hi Scores   
11:51am 03/07/2008
  Yesterday was perfect summer day. Woke up early, and watched Scrubs till noon. Around one, a friend and I drove to Ohio to stock up on fireworks. I took out about 40 bucks, but ended up spending about 20 dollars. My friend, Nick dropped closer to 200 green ones on fireworks. All i want/need in life are roman candles, and the sulfuric smell of smoke bombs. I also picked up some sparklers for the daredevil Andrea. Got home, she came over, and I downloaded the new Beck cd (Sorry Beck). Molly called and said Amy could get us in to AMC 20 for free. So Matt Molly, Andrea, myself and Jeff went to see Wall-e. Today after work we are all playing hockey, which is fucking sweet. I wish we played everyday.

My phone broke last night. I guess I shouldnt say broke, but transformed. It changed from a phone to a high tech pager with a camera. Only texting works on it. I'm a bit relieved, becuase not being in constant contact with everyone is like a vacation to me. Not that I lead a double life, or am secretive, but it's nice. I'm making a little more money, so i think when i get paid next tuesday I should pick up a new one.
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The Myth of Smith   
11:03pm 21/04/2008
  Happy 49th birthday, Robert Smith.

listen to some Cure to celebrate.
an update on Alex   
09:34am 02/04/2008
  Local 4 has exclusively learned one of the teens accused of the slaying and beheading of a River Rouge man has accepted a plea deal from prosecutors.
Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Annette Berry confirmed Alexander Letkemann’s first-degree murder and felony murder charges have been dismissed.
Instead, the 18-year-old pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and disinterment and mutilation of a dead body.

The Westland teen will spend at least 20 years in prison but no more than 30.
If Letkemann had been convicted of first-degree murder, he would have faced a life sentence.
Neither the judge nor the attorneys for either side would comment on the specifics of the agreement.
However, Local 4 sources say Letkemann will testify against 18-year-old Jean Pierre Orlewicz.
He’s expected to take the stand and tell the court Orlewicz was the mastermind in the murder of 26-year-old Daniel Sorensen.
Local 4 reported Letkemann will detail how Orlewicz lured Sorensen to his grandfather’s garage in Canton Township where he stabbed, beheaded and later burned Sorensen’s remains in an effort to make them unidentifiable.
That is similar to what Letkemann told police shortly after he was arrested last November.
The trial against Orlewicz begins April 7.
Letkemann will be sentenced April 23.
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This is pretty funny to me   
10:50am 28/03/2008
mood: accomplished
In September, the Japanese government--in partnership with the Japanese arm of McDonald's--offered a half-price Big Mac to anyone who would show a commitment to preventing climate change. The burger giant said it would sell Big Macs for [yen] 150 (US$1.30) to people who downloaded a government form listing ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The offer was so popular that within a day of going online, the government Web site hosting the global-warming form crashed.

"We started seeing a rise in access yesterday, and it surged this morning," Kenji Someno, head of the environment ministry's Lifestyle Policy Office, says. "We are now trying to restore the system."

Although it is the birthplace of the Kyoto Protocol, Japan is lagging in its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to six percent below 1990 levels by 2012. To help raise awareness of the need to cut emissions, the Japanese government has enlisted more than 80 companies to offer prizes to citizens who pledge to fight global warming. The Web site crash following the Big Mac offer was the environment ministry's first computer system failure related to a public awareness campaign.

"McDonald's is such a familiar name with people, and they eat there often," Someno says. "The Big Mac discount gives them the strong impression that it's a bargain."

The environment ministry's global warming form includes 39 ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, from shortening shower times to reducing air conditioning use to simply wiping water off the bottom of the kettle before heating it on the stove. Presumably cutting back on meat consumption is not on the list.
03:06pm 27/03/2008
  remember when everyone had a livejournal? those were the days  
Inquisitive Salmon   
05:54pm 26/03/2008
mood: curious
I tried to look at how to program, its too hard. I was inspired to research because of the MadHatter program. It goes like this: let's say you and I post on our LJ's at a given time. If our screenname is in the Info section and we are both signed on, this bot, along with it's variants could link our screen names together. Here's an example.

(bot)MadHatter: I say old bean, have you seen my hat
You: What?
(me)MadHatter: What?

the program always starts with saying that intro line, than the other person is linked. think of it as three way calling, but the original caller than will hang up, and its the two people they called on the line. You could get other variants of the program, and these bots could have be other people at the end of the program. I know this sounds odd, but i find it interesting.
Mother Superior   
10:19am 10/03/2008
  I'm tired. I can never fall asleep when I have to wake up for class at 7, but when I can sleep in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm tired by 1100. Just my luck. After seeing Across the Universe ( 3 months too late) I've been on the biggest Beatles kick since freshman year of high school. Usually I lean towards older Beatles, but everything I've been listening to is before their drug phase. I learned "All My Loving" and sing it to Murray, we got good harmony goin.  
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I Could Eat All of You   
09:56pm 24/02/2008
  Last night may be the last time I ingest any sort of mind altering substances for quite awhile.
I had the end piece of a very potent pot brownie. Evil little creatures. You don't even think they're going to work until about an hour later.
I don't suggest urinating while  violently high. I was looking down at the toilet bowl, then up, then I'd forget where I was, then I'd look down at myself again and remember, then look up and forget again, etc etc. Longest piss of my life. The psychedelic stained glass lightbulbs I installed certainly didn't make things any easier. I was literally living second to second.
Back at my desk, I put The Top album on. Dressing Up, the Caterpillar, and Piggy in the Mirror were just plain beautiful.
"I want to look at you in the sunlight," I told the Mrs.
It was pleasant at first. But then my head started feeling full. The back of my brain was beating like a heart. I felt like my head was under attack.
At that point, I tried to find where I was in all of the haze. I asked myself if this is really something I wanted to experience again. As I crawled on my hands and knees back to my bed, I decided that no, it wasn't. The last thing I remember thinking was "If I pull the covers over my head, I'll be safe from them."
Today, I drifted by. I don't remember much of it in terms of one coherent day.
It may have just been a bad high, but I really disliked the feeling of paranoia and the fear that I wouldn't get my head back.
Not very fun.
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11:46pm 06/02/2008
  Before I go any further, let me first wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Laurence Tolhurst, a spry 49 years old.

I'm only writing in this because I have nothing else to do at the moment.
Reading Murakami's Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. I like waiting a long time in-between reading Murakami because he's almost like an old friend. It's nice to revisit something to familiar after being away for so long.
People are always telling me I don't get out enough, so I decided to go to 4 shows in the coming month.
Friends of Dennis Wilson this Friday, Crystal Castles on the 26th, the Raveonettes the 19th of March, and Acid Mothers Temple on the 29th of that month. And then the Cure in May, of course.
The new Raveonettes album is wonderful. Lust, Lust, Lust. Definitely buy that when it comes out, all of you. That ought to be a good show.
I hope the new semester is going well for all of you.
A house two blocks behind is now a burned out shell.
While a fire ravaged the studio the Cure were working at, Robert Smith risked his life to save his lyrics.
What would you save?
Don't cop out and say your goldfish or your mom or something.
They made it out.
What 3 things would you save?

I have a hard time thinking of things, myself.
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santa monica.   
02:36pm 29/01/2008
mood: tired
Ever since i started watching the Office, I start looking for sentences to say " that's what she said". the best was yesterday my professor was talking about microphones, and said "they are only noticeable at 12 inches" and after in parenthesis i put " that's what she said". So overall my monday was a success. I didn't go to open mic night, I still am not feeling good, but another reason is last time I was there, i got bitched at. The carrot-topped worker who usually does open mic night saw me in a chair where sultanas friends were sitting. They went to the bathroom ( i didn't know the bean's single bathroom could support three women) and I was talking to nick. The smart ladies brought Starbucks into the bean, a no no, and the guy saw me there. He started yelling at me, telling me to get out. Apparently he didn't believe my name wasn't Kirsten. As I showed him the names on the cups, he still was yelling at me, so I tossed them and sat at my original seat. Later on the night, I told him I had been coming to the bean since i was a sophomore, and I wouldn't do something that stupid. So he apologized and gave me one of his cd's. I still haven't opened it.

In other news, it looks like I'm going to three shows this spring. Bedouin Soundclash, The Cure, and The Black Keys, which I am super excited for. The tickets for all are relatively cheap, and The Cure is playing in illinois, which calls for a road trip. I got bored this morning, and I was reading old old old LJ posts. Talk about nostalgia.

If you get a chance watch this video clip from youtube. It's thom yorke...being thom.

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You are Young and Life is Long, and There is Time to Kill Today   
11:30pm 27/12/2007
mood: eminent psychedelic atmosphere
today i found some nifty stained glass lightbulbs at aco. now it's like a lightshow when you go to the bathroom.
my ultimate plan is to get a bunch of those multicolored christmas lights and string those along the ceiling. it'll be like living in the interior of a spectrum. what better way to jazz the place up a bit than to be under a constant deluge of rainbow colored lights? par-tay, i always say.
on the search for psychedelic albums and watching film noirs. what are the rest of you up to?
11:36am 06/12/2007
  WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY! The rescue group emailed us back today, and we are scheduling to meet one of the puppies this weekend!!!  
These Days.   
11:11am 28/11/2007
mood: mellow
Break was pretty ok. I don't think there is another way to put it. It wasn't the relaxing couple of days I was looking for. I worked alot. Like alot. And I had a decent amount of homework, so I didn't find a bunch of time to hang out with everyone. Sorry. We'll meet up for Christmas break. I cannot wait for that. What's everyone asking for christmas?
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01:04pm 20/11/2007
  Homer was put to sleep today.  
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