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santa monica.

Ever since i started watching the Office, I start looking for sentences to say " that's what she said". the best was yesterday my professor was talking about microphones, and said "they are only noticeable at 12 inches" and after in parenthesis i put " that's what she said". So overall my monday was a success. I didn't go to open mic night, I still am not feeling good, but another reason is last time I was there, i got bitched at. The carrot-topped worker who usually does open mic night saw me in a chair where sultanas friends were sitting. They went to the bathroom ( i didn't know the bean's single bathroom could support three women) and I was talking to nick. The smart ladies brought Starbucks into the bean, a no no, and the guy saw me there. He started yelling at me, telling me to get out. Apparently he didn't believe my name wasn't Kirsten. As I showed him the names on the cups, he still was yelling at me, so I tossed them and sat at my original seat. Later on the night, I told him I had been coming to the bean since i was a sophomore, and I wouldn't do something that stupid. So he apologized and gave me one of his cd's. I still haven't opened it.

In other news, it looks like I'm going to three shows this spring. Bedouin Soundclash, The Cure, and The Black Keys, which I am super excited for. The tickets for all are relatively cheap, and The Cure is playing in illinois, which calls for a road trip. I got bored this morning, and I was reading old old old LJ posts. Talk about nostalgia.

If you get a chance watch this video clip from youtube. It's thom yorke...being thom.

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