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I Could Eat All of You

Last night may be the last time I ingest any sort of mind altering substances for quite awhile.
I had the end piece of a very potent pot brownie. Evil little creatures. You don't even think they're going to work until about an hour later.
I don't suggest urinating while  violently high. I was looking down at the toilet bowl, then up, then I'd forget where I was, then I'd look down at myself again and remember, then look up and forget again, etc etc. Longest piss of my life. The psychedelic stained glass lightbulbs I installed certainly didn't make things any easier. I was literally living second to second.
Back at my desk, I put The Top album on. Dressing Up, the Caterpillar, and Piggy in the Mirror were just plain beautiful.
"I want to look at you in the sunlight," I told the Mrs.
It was pleasant at first. But then my head started feeling full. The back of my brain was beating like a heart. I felt like my head was under attack.
At that point, I tried to find where I was in all of the haze. I asked myself if this is really something I wanted to experience again. As I crawled on my hands and knees back to my bed, I decided that no, it wasn't. The last thing I remember thinking was "If I pull the covers over my head, I'll be safe from them."
Today, I drifted by. I don't remember much of it in terms of one coherent day.
It may have just been a bad high, but I really disliked the feeling of paranoia and the fear that I wouldn't get my head back.
Not very fun.
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