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I tried to look at how to program, its too hard. I was inspired to research because of the MadHatter program. It goes like this: let's say you and I post on our LJ's at a given time. If our screenname is in the Info section and we are both signed on, this bot, along with it's variants could link our screen names together. Here's an example.

(bot)MadHatter: I say old bean, have you seen my hat
You: What?
(me)MadHatter: What?

the program always starts with saying that intro line, than the other person is linked. think of it as three way calling, but the original caller than will hang up, and its the two people they called on the line. You could get other variants of the program, and these bots could have be other people at the end of the program. I know this sounds odd, but i find it interesting.
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