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an update on Alex

Local 4 has exclusively learned one of the teens accused of the slaying and beheading of a River Rouge man has accepted a plea deal from prosecutors.
Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Annette Berry confirmed Alexander Letkemann’s first-degree murder and felony murder charges have been dismissed.
Instead, the 18-year-old pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and disinterment and mutilation of a dead body.

The Westland teen will spend at least 20 years in prison but no more than 30.
If Letkemann had been convicted of first-degree murder, he would have faced a life sentence.
Neither the judge nor the attorneys for either side would comment on the specifics of the agreement.
However, Local 4 sources say Letkemann will testify against 18-year-old Jean Pierre Orlewicz.
He’s expected to take the stand and tell the court Orlewicz was the mastermind in the murder of 26-year-old Daniel Sorensen.
Local 4 reported Letkemann will detail how Orlewicz lured Sorensen to his grandfather’s garage in Canton Township where he stabbed, beheaded and later burned Sorensen’s remains in an effort to make them unidentifiable.
That is similar to what Letkemann told police shortly after he was arrested last November.
The trial against Orlewicz begins April 7.
Letkemann will be sentenced April 23.
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