The Book of everything you didn't want to know (dolphinseeker) wrote,
The Book of everything you didn't want to know

Hi Scores

Yesterday was perfect summer day. Woke up early, and watched Scrubs till noon. Around one, a friend and I drove to Ohio to stock up on fireworks. I took out about 40 bucks, but ended up spending about 20 dollars. My friend, Nick dropped closer to 200 green ones on fireworks. All i want/need in life are roman candles, and the sulfuric smell of smoke bombs. I also picked up some sparklers for the daredevil Andrea. Got home, she came over, and I downloaded the new Beck cd (Sorry Beck). Molly called and said Amy could get us in to AMC 20 for free. So Matt Molly, Andrea, myself and Jeff went to see Wall-e. Today after work we are all playing hockey, which is fucking sweet. I wish we played everyday.

My phone broke last night. I guess I shouldnt say broke, but transformed. It changed from a phone to a high tech pager with a camera. Only texting works on it. I'm a bit relieved, becuase not being in constant contact with everyone is like a vacation to me. Not that I lead a double life, or am secretive, but it's nice. I'm making a little more money, so i think when i get paid next tuesday I should pick up a new one.
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