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Some of us are anxious on the first day of a new job, anticipating a major exam at school, or in the minutes leading up to a date with an attractive gal or fellow we really like but cannot muster up the nerve to tell them so. I lose sleep over a new Cure album.
Since 2004's disappointing self titled album (there were a few good cuts), the Cure have been at their best in the live setting. Singer/songwriter/guitarist/major deity Robert Smith fired a keyboardist and a guitarist and the band went as a three piece until classic Cure axeman/artist/weirdo Porl Thompson returned, bringing with him renewed hope that maybe whatever the band decided to do next wouldn't totally suck.
So far, it hasn't. Say what you want about "The Only One," but it's a nice bit of dream-pop lite that's akin to listening to the Cure circa 1992 if the band had taken a time machine to the year 2008 and recorded a song within a week of being here.
Did I say that already? I'm too lazy to look and frankly I don't think it can be described better.
The other singles sound promising (Sleep When I'm Dead was a leftover from the 1985 The Head on the Door sessions), and anyone who's heard any version of "Underneath the Stars" has a reason to be excited. I just hope the rest of the album holds up.
To be honest,
The Cure could make shitty albums for the rest of their lives,
and it could never take away from the fact they're my favorite band of all time or that I consider every album from Seventeen Seconds to Disintegration absolutely essential, with Three Imaginary Boys and Wish being very important. Basically, I feel that the first decade or so of their career is indispensable. Pornography is their best and may be my favorite record of all time for reasons I cannot explain.
4:13 Dream is only a week away. Watch this space, please.


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